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Network Connectivity

Your computers don’t talk to each other magically. There’s a wizard behind the curtain. Your network needs a proper infrastructure of Ethernet, WiFi and the equipment to connect it all. Let Victor Orly Consulting be your wizard.

Network Connectivity

  • Network Design & Cabling
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Wireless Networks
  • VoIP Phone Systems

Victor Orly Consulting offers years of experience in networking. We, through partner companies, can design your network from end-to-end, install Ethernet cabling throughout your office or home, and setup a seamless WiFi system with no dead zones. We’ve wired single-room offices to massive offices overlooking the ocean in Malibu.

If your office needs new, or better Internet service, we can arrange the highest quality service, from business cable, fiber networks, and even mobile wireless systems. We have access to all major nationwide providers.

Your homes and offices also need dependable phone service, and we offer Voice over Internet Protocol – VoIP from a variety of providers. If you need one phone or thousands, we can arrange whatever you need. 

In today’s environment, where working from home may be the new standard, we can make your Internet and telecommunications needs as seamless as sitting inside your corporate office.

As always, Victor Orly Consulting will Assess, Plan, Execute and Communicate to ensure you have the best tools to work wherever you may be.

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